Spring into new life!

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It is that time of year again when we “spring ahead” with our clocks! The time change in the spring is always difficult for me. I enjoy my sleep and somehow when we move our clocks ahead I miss out on some good sleep time. Although I miss my sleep, I am always ready to experience spring. Robins have been singing. Cardinals are at my bird feeder. The snow is almost gone (yah!) and one day soon the grass will be green again. Spring brings new life. The trees that look dead, will come alive with leaves. The flowers will pop and new ducklings will appear on the pond. This happens every year. We expect it. And it doesn’t disappoint. Jesus has promised us new life as well. Only the new life we have in him doesn’t have to wait until spring. New life with Jesus happens every day with us. All is forgiven and all is a new start every day. How will you see new life in your day today?

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