Family Ministry at Prince of Peace is a place where families of all kinds can come together to connect UP with God, IN through Community, and OUT for the World. Our ministry is divided into three core sections:

Young Families (pregnancy to age 3)
Children’s Ministry (age 3 to grade 5)
Student Ministry (grade 6 to 12)



While we are beginning the 2020-2021 year off campus, we have big plans for an amazing year of ministry. We will use your registration information to build small groups (family-based for Children’s Ministry and age-based for students), and to share with you ministry-specific updates, resource links and special events. Register using the buttons below.

Once registered, you can expect a weekly email with important schedule information as well as details for the week’s theme and links for downloadable resources. Please contact Dawn Ridgway with questions.

$70/child; $175 Family Cap

Family Ministry 2020-2021 Registration

Student Ministry Leader Registration

Within each ministry area you and your children can expect to focus on these core strategies:

Parenting Tools | Small Groups | At‐Home Discipleship | Camps & Trips | LeadershipService/Volunteering | Worship | Keeping the Promise

Parenting Tools

Children’s Ministry Parenting Tools is a staff-facilitated discussion about how to foster faith in children. Student Ministry Parenting Tools is a volunteer-led discussion about issues facing parents of adolescents.

Small Groups

Life is better when we do it together. Whether your child is in preschool or in high school, we will partner with you and other parents to surround your kids with peers who will know, care, and pray for one another. We invite caring adults – just like you – to lead and shape those small groups.

At‐Home Discipleship

Faith that sticks starts in the home. We provide easy‐to‐use resources, practical training, and programs that support and reinforce the ministry in your house.

Camps and Trips

Sometimes it is necessary to have a change of scenery to have a change of heart. That is why we offer camps and trips for families, children and students.


Today’s kids are tomorrow’s leaders. We create leadership opportunities for kids of all ages, from greeters small groups to worship leaders to campus ministry leaders.


Offering our time and talents is an excellent way to give back to God while building relationships and having fun. Parents and kids alike can find serving opportunities to fit just about any skill‐set and schedule.


At the core of everything we do is the desire to have a deeper connection to our Savior, Jesus. Prince of Peace Family Ministry includes worship experiences for families, kids, and students that encourage that connection in relevant, age‐appropriate ways.

Keeping the Promise Family Experiences (KTP)

At baptism, the church joins with parents to raise the child as a child of God. Keeping the Promise Family Experiences are annual opportunities for Prince of Peace to partner with parents to make those promises reality.

Jason Kramme
Pastor of Spiritual Formation

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