Together we are a community of faith. When one suffers we all are affected. The Spiritual Care team at Prince of Peace wants to partner with you during life’s challenges to visit, pray, or meet with you.

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For Immediate Help

Please call Prince of Peace at 952‐435‐8102. On‐call ministers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Prince of Peace is a community of faith rooted in prayer. Care ministers and prayer team members are available to pray with individuals and families upon request. Prayer ministers are available for prayer following each worship service.

How to Pray

“There is not a word on my tongue, but behold, O Lord, You know it altogether.” —Psalm 139:4

The Bible tells us that God knows our every thought and every word on our tongue (Psalm 139:1‐4). And when we don’t know what to pray for, the Holy Spirit “makes intercession for us with sighs too deep for words to express.” (Romans 8:26).

Jesus assures us that we can have communication with God even without a word being spoken, because God knows the intentions and desires of your heart. What a comfort when you don’t feel you know how to pray! You don’t have to worry if you can’t find the words to express your thoughts or feelings. You only need to say the name of the person you are praying for or the situation and the Holy Spirit takes it from there. You don’t have to feel guilty if your thoughts wander or you struggle to keep focused on the Lord. God knows what is on your heart.

You don’t have to worry about a proper posture in prayer, you can sit or stand or lay down. Pray as you are comfortable, keep your eyes open or closed, there is no “correct” way to pray. What God cares about is you and what is on your heart for the person or situation that you share with God.

What a wonderful God! God hears you. So keep on praying!

How to Make a Prayer Request

Lay ministers and prayer team members are available to pray on the phone or in person with individuals and families upon request. Prayer ministers are also available for prayer following each worship service.

To request prayer support, use the online form at the top of this page, email Kari Snyder, or fill out a Connection Card found in the Sanctuary. To speak with an on-call minister, call 952-435-8102.


Please join us as we connect online with one another and with God during Together We Pray. This time of online prayer has been a rich blessing so we want to continue to encourage and challenge each other to join together in prayer. If you are not able to connect through Zoom, please contact Kari Snyder to discuss another way we can connect you to this prayer time. To receive the Zoom link, sign up by contacting Kari Snyder via email or call 952-898-9357.

Spiritual Resources

Spiritual formation is a life-long activity. It can bring us closer to God and transform our lives. Our Spiritual Formation Page provides information on Bible Studies, staff recommended books, and spiritual disciplines to try.


We will walk with you in this journey of grief. We will help you plan and implement a Christian funeral or memorial service to honor the memory of your loved one and celebrate the hope of the resurrection.  Funeral/Memorial Service information.

Support Groups

Prince of Peace offers several support groups led by trained facilitators with expertise in each area of support. Support Groups provide a safe and caring environment on the path to healing and wholeness.

Care Ministry

Care ministers are trained and commissioned to offer one‐on‐one emotional and spiritual support for individuals encountering challenges such as illness, depression, divorce, grief and loss, and chemical dependency. They are available for a one‐time visit or an ongoing supportive relationship. Care ministers visit people in the hospital, in care facilities, and in their homes.

One‐to‐One Support

Pastoral Counseling

Pastoral counseling gives attention to relational responsibilities of loving God, neighbor, and self. This is essential to our wholeness. During this time, a pastoral counselor offers support through listening, asking caring questions and giving observations during difficult times which can help people chart their own course for hope, healing, and wholeness. The goal of this type of counseling is to represent God’s steadfast love and the hope of redemptive grace for all who suffer. Contact Kari Snyder by email at 952-898-9357.

Crisis or Life Transition Care

Sometimes we need someone to talk with when we go through life transitions such as leaving our homes, experiencing the loss of health or the death of a loved one. There are trained care ministers who can walk the journey with you. If you would like to visit with a care minister please contact Kari Snyder by email at 952-898-9357.

End‐of‐Life Care

Visitation and education are available for those with terminal illness and their families. Contact Kari Snyder by email or at 952‐898‐9357.

Hospital Visits

Churches are no longer notified by a hospital when a member is admitted unless the person requests it. If you are scheduled for surgery or are in the hospital and would like a visit, we will gladly respond. Call the church office at 952‐435‐8102 and your message will be given to the pastor who is on call.

Senior Care Facility Visits

Senior Care Facilities no longer notify the church when a member is admitted, unless the person requests it. Please contact Kari Snyder by email at 952‐898‐9357.

Health Care Directives

Everyone needs a Health Care Directive. Talk to your loved ones and write your wishes down.
Find out more at Honoring Choices (link) or Download a form (.pdf)

Kari Snyder

Confidentiality: It is a privilege for our Spiritual Care Ministry to serve our Prince of Peace family and the surrounding community. We are trained individuals who God has called to this ministry and we honor our responsibility to provide confidentiality to all people.

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