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by Jody Slaughter
When meeting with a spiritual director years ago I described feelings of being overwhelmed and spiritually tired. She patiently listened and asked me caring questions before she so wisely said, “You’ve lost your Sabbath.” Her statement was like a healing salve to a wound within me. We then began to discuss ways to recover a better rhythm of work and rest – Sabbath. It is a time that takes some planning and preparation as one sets aside all work and typical activity so that there is physical rest, replenishing of the spirit, and restoration of the soul. One of my favorite books relating to this subject is “Sacred Rhythms” by Ruth Haley Barton.

We as a staff at Prince of Peace are thankful that the Board of Directors grants us a week of Sabbath again this year, which will occur July 2-6. There will be a pastor on-call during the weekday hours and lay ministers are on-call during the weekends and evenings. This is no different than any other week, except the offices will be closed for the staff to enter this time of Sabbath. We pray that you have times of Sabbath set aside as well. Let us pray that God will help us honor the Sabbath times in our lives and keep them holy, so that we are more in tuned to ourselves, others, and God.

Do not hesitate to call the church office at 952-435-8102 for any needs of pastoral care at any time, day or night.

Jody Slaughter is the Spiritual Care Minister at Prince of Peace. She can be reached at 952-898-9312 or by email.

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