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After prayerful consideration, the Mega Sale Leadership Team have come to the difficult decision that the amazing 29-year history of the Mega Sale must come to a close.

Many variables were considered as we discussed the future of the Mega Sale. The Christian Life Center (CLC) building has been sold, along with the surrounding parking lots, and the space available in the Worship Center building is shared with many ministry areas throughout the week. In addition, our volunteer numbers have declined dramatically in the last 3-5 years for various reasons, making it challenging to provide a quality sale even when we had a Mini-Mega Sale in 2018 and 2019. As we considered the needed space, donations, and people to make it all happen, we also revisited the mission of the Mega Sale. The services that Mission Outpost provides every day overlap with many of the critical areas of the Mega Sale (not all departments) and all items are provided free of charge for local families in need.

As we reflect back, we’d like to thank all the volunteers and donors who helped make the Mega Sale so special. The sale impacted our volunteers, everyone who donated items or came to shop, and the Prince of Peace congregation in so many ways. Great friendships were formed, many hours were given to serve others, countless items were donated and recycled each year, and many different ministries and organizations benefited from the proceeds. The Mega Sale had a significant impact on the local community, but one of the things that made the Mega Sale so special is that it also impacted many ministries beyond Burnsville, beyond Minnesota and beyond the United States. The Mega Sale will always be remembered as a great community-wide event. It will be dearly missed, but everything has a season… to quote a well-known passage in Ecclesiastes.

So, THANK YOU to everyone who has volunteered, shopped and donated items these past 29 years. We are grateful for your support.

The Mega Sale Leadership Team

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