Covid 19

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I attended a wedding on October 2. I had thought long and hard about attending this wedding. I knew the wedding ceremony would take place outside. I knew the cocktail hour was held outside. I knew that masks were mandatory. I knew I would be sitting at the head table with the parents of the bride.

I made the decision to go. I had a wonderful time!  I took off my mask only to eat dinner and I left before the dance. I was so glad I went. I felt safe, no coronavirus at the wedding. Until October 7.  On October 7 I was informed that several members of the bridal party, as well as other wedding guests were ill, including  the person I ate dinner next to. As the week went on I was informed that CoVid was the reason everyone was sick.

I felt sick, not coronavirus sick, but sick that I had spent time since the wedding with several friends. I felt sick that I could possibly spread the virus to others. My husband Jim and I took the CoVid test. We were both negative. We still made the decision to self – quarantine for 14 days.

My experience with this has been humbling to say the least. My husband and I dodged the virus…this time. I realize I have become lax in my diligence to stay safe. All it takes is a scare like I had to put me back in the camp of caring for others by always wearing my mask, social distancing and staying away from large gatherings. My friends who tested positive from the wedding are very sick. I pray that you stay safe from this virus.

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