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by Pastor Jason Kramme

Early in March of 2020 David Peterson, the Community Director at Vivo Kitchen, realized that while the pandemic would affect the lives of everyone, there were certainly people whose world would change drastically because of the lockdowns. These people with underlying health conditions who were shut-in due to the pandemic would need assistance to meet their needs for food and groceries. David responded by calling Pastor Jeff and the partnership between Prince of Peace and Vivo Kitchen was formed.

This is one story of a Prince of Peace disciple who was Called to Connect to the work of God in the world to bring hope and wholeness to the south metro area in a unique way. There are many more of these stories in the history of our church and many more still being written.

In November we will pay special attention to these stories in a Stewardship series called Covered. In it we’ll explore the way that God has put a song of hope into the world that we have been called to cover in our own way: in our service, in our care for strangers and loved ones, and in our giving.

As a church we have been covering this tune for more than 55 years and in every season, we find new ways to do it that make a difference in people’s lives. Perhaps that is why you call Prince of Peace home. Maybe it is why so many people have stepped into giving in the last eight months; because we know that this community is up to something. We can hear the sound of God’s work through this church and we are drawn to it.

In response to the need to reach people with food, nearly $5,600 was raised. Far exceeding the need. In the days ahead, we anticipate that we will be called upon to connect to God’s song of hope for another great need in our community: accessibility to online worship, digital resources for families to form faith at home, food assistance for people facing economic insecurity.

Would you help us?

Particularly if you have never given before, would you consider making this the day you start? 115 families have already started giving for the first time this year and we invite you to do the same. Your one-time or recurring gift or increase of any amount; $5 or $5,000 will be counted, will be acknowledged, and will be used to cover this song of hope God is singing in us and through us.

You can give now by going to our Giving page here: You’ll find flexible options for giving such as PayPal, Text-to-give, Vanco, stock, and automatic withdrawal.

Can you hear it? God is singing over us a song of hope. Let’s cover it.


Jason Kramme is the Pastor of Spiritual Formation at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church

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