April 2021 Update: One Church Transformation

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Week of April 26:

Construction of the new Mission Outpost, Dental Clinic and Child Care areas is progressing right on schedule. Framing work is complete and drywall is well underway. The new Outpost will have a large, welcoming waiting area, office space, and conference rooms to serve our wider community and provide hope and wholeness to people in need. This construction, in the old Fellowship Hall, will also include a large shopping area for groceries and clothing. It will also include a low-cost Dental Clinic with three operatory units for those unable to afford dental care. A centrally located Child Care area will provide bright, safe and engaging space for our youngest friends. The addition on the west side of the building is underway with excavation and footings complete. The new addition will provide more 5,500 square feet of new space for Mission Outpost deliveries, sorting, receiving, refrigeration, storage, and furniture ministry, along with space for a facilities garage. We anticipate a mid-October completion for this portion of the project.

The new Chapel will be a multi-use space that will likely be one of the most heavily used areas on campus. The Chapel, with updated technology, will be perfect for Children’s Ministry, Student Ministry, Vacation Bible School and Worship Arts Camp, where students and children can gather and celebrate their faith. The Chapel will seat 300 and provide beautiful and flexible space for weddings and funerals, along with additional worship space as we gather to celebrate Easter. We’ve experienced a delay for some of the special materials on the Chapel project which will likely push our completion date out to early- to mid-August.

Our main parking lot had a first layer of asphalt in the fall, along with temporary striping to get us through the winter. New LED lights were installed to provide safe access in and out of our building, while reducing costs. The second layer of asphalt and final striping is scheduled for completion the first part of June.

Please pray for the continued safety of our construction teams. You won’t want to miss the transformation as the adventure continues!


Week of April 12:

Painting of the walls and ceiling is nearly complete in our new Chapel space. We’ve experienced a delay in receiving the wood acoustical ceiling for the Chapel. This is pushing the project completion back about 8-10 weeks, until early- to mid-August. All other work remains on schedule.

Drywall work is well underway for the new Mission Outpost, Dental Clinic, and Child Care area in the old Fellowship Hall on the lower level, and taping will begin this week. Final footings will be poured this week for the new addition on the west side of the building. There are no delays in material delivery for the addition. The new Mission Outpost and Child Care area are still on track for a mid-October completion.

The ramps on the south and west side of the Sanctuary no longer provide access to the first floor. Decking and concrete is being installed where the ramps were to provide a level floor and more usable square footage in the Sanctuary. The base of the ramps will be used for storage on the first floor. The ramp on the northeast side of the Sanctuary will remain in use, providing an emergency exit.

Mission Outpost:




Week of April 5:
Framing work is complete and drywall work is underway in the new Mission Outpost, Dental Clinic, and Child Care areas on the lower level. Construction crews have removed the half-walls with the railings in the Sanctuary. Soon they will pour new flooring that will go all the way to the back wall, making everything level ground in the Sanctuary, and removing two of the ramps to the lower level. Excavation work is in process and footings are in for the new addition on the west side of the building. This 5,500 square foot addition will provide needed storage and receiving space for Mission Outpost, a loading dock, refrigeration and freezer space, and storage for furniture ministry and facilities. This space is on track for a mid-October completion.

Drywall and wiring, plus electrical and mechanical rough-ins are complete in the new Chapel, and painting will begin soon. We’ve experienced a delay in shipment of the wood acoustical ceiling for the Chapel which may push back our completion date by 8-10 weeks. The new completion date will likely be early- to mid-August. We have not experienced delays with any other building materials.


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