In Inspiration, Up

By Paul Gueldner
Lay Minister for Christ

One God, who is Three-In-One
One Father of the Universe and all that is in it
One Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ
One Spirit to walk the path with us

One Path to Heaven, through Jesus

One Bible to help us see the words of the Father

One Earth for us to inhabit and care for in this solar system.

One can make a difference.
One can become many when combined for a specific purpose.
You can help some “one” else
You can make “one” difference today

Don’t pick up that “one” drink
Don’t smoke that “one” cigarette
Don’t commit that “one” little act of stealing or larceny
Don’t lie this “one” time
Don’t use that “one” bad word
Don’t tear some “one” down

Be the “one” to build some “one” up
Be the “one” to befriend some “one”
Be the “one” with the smile or the handshake
Be the “one” to bring food or clothing to or for another
Be the “one” to volunteer to help

Let everyone be “one”


One Bread, One Body, one Lord of all.
One cup of blessing which we bless
And we, though many, throughout the earth,
We are one body in this one Lord.

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