Tanzania Mission Trip: Wednesday (7/10) Update

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Tuesday began with an orientation at DIRA – which is the equivalent of the St. Paul Area Synod office.  We learned about the partnership between St. Paul and Iringa.  We learned about the reforestation project called Millions of Trees, Dignity for Daughters which teaches young women how to care for their bodies (health education), St. Paul Partners which digs water wells in the area (Prince of Peace has sponsored five wells in our village of Ilambo) and Radio Furaha, which shares the gospel over the airwaves.  It was a lot to learn but it was good to see how the Lutheran Church of Tanzania is making an impact in the area.  Wow!

In the afternoon, we spent time with the kids of the orphanage called Huruma Center.  We got a tour of the orphanage, then the hi-light … we got to play with the kids.  Many smiles for all as we kicked soccer balls, played memory games, ring around the rosey, and holding and hugging the kids.  So much love!

Following the orphanage visit, we had pizza at Mama Iringa Italian restaurant.

This morning we went to Isimila Archeological dig and natural spires.  It was a beautiful hike – clear blue sky slight breeze.  Some of us got to do some climbing around the spires.  Our time there closed with a box lunch picnic.  

After that, we visited the University of Iringa and visited their business and entrepreneur program, child development department, library and school radio and the Micro finance mission which is located at the University.

We came back to our hotel and packed all of the notebooks and pencils for the 400 students we will meet in our village.

Tomorrow we leave for our village named Ilambo.  We will be out of communication until Monday as our village is quite remote.  We are looking forward to all God has in store for us.

~ Eric Elton

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