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Today’s Word: ‘Community’ as in… a couple of thoughts on being a local, global, spirited community.

When we invest in community, when we work at not only deepening but also widening our connectedness, good things happen.

When we nurture healthy relationships with our careful attention and purposeful kindness, the usual rhythms of interaction hum a little different.

When we practice intentional acts of compassion, the usual rhythms of relationships take on a different kind of vibe.

When we go out of our way to show hospitality we create a new kind of trust that builds respect.

And when we do that, we co-create a new kind of community that really knows what it’s like to thrive.

A few more thoughts on community:

We build community through connected relationships with others that we know and love.

We also build community by connecting with others that we don’t know – with people down the street, up the road, over the fence and around the block.

We build community by reaching out to people who live in other parts of the world, in places we may never visit, whose names we may never pronounce, whose faces we may never see, whose stories we may never hear, but with whom we share much more than we know.

Consider the questions that the Rhythm of Connection asks:

What is community and what does it mean to be in community?

What are your responsibilities with and for others?

How can we nurture healthy relationships?

What are some intentional acts of kindness that we can practice that will move our lives toward thriving relationally?

How does showing hospitality create trust, build respect and sustain community on every level and of every kind?


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