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 orange manby Jason Kramme

In my early twenties, I would skip over most of the monthly newsletter at my church and still get all of the information I needed. “How?” you may ask. Simple. I didn’t have kids. Of course, I kept tabs on whether or not there were in fact things happening with the youth. That is one of those eye-tests people do to determine whether or not their church is healthy. As I have lived into my role as a parent and family minister, my attention and connection to kids and families in the church has predictably changed. It goes without saying that I read the parts of the newsletter that I skipped before—I write most of them, after all. But my connection to the kids and the way that I see the broader church as connected to family ministry has also changed dramatically.

In the days ahead, you’ll hear a lot about the “how” and “why” of Family Ministry. The short version is that the way we want to go about our ministry is a strategy called “Orange.” Orange is made when you blend the yellow light of the church and the red love of the home in the faith formation of kids. It is a partnership between the two most influential players in the life of a youth: the church and home.

Unfortunately, many of you reading this right now may not feel as though this has anything to do with you other than it is nice to know there is a method to the madness of Family Ministry. That is my fault. The truth is that while the term “family ministry” certainly refers to a ministry area of our church, the church—at its core—is family ministry!

  • Every time we baptize someone, this church family promises to partner with the home to grow faith in a young person. That’s Orange.
  • Every time you greet a child as they walk into the church. That’s Orange.
  • Every time you give offering. That’s Orange.
  • Every time you tutor at an elementary school. That’s Orange.
  • Every time you share the burdens of parents in small group. That’s Orange.
  • Every time you pack a meal at Feed My starving Children. That’s Orange.

In big obvious ways and in even more seemingly innocuous ways, you are partnering with the church family to form faith in kids. You are responding to Jesus’ command to welcome the children. So, even if your kids have aged out of family ministry or you don’t have kids of your own, remember that in the promises we make at baptism, you have opted into ministering to the family of God. You are Orange and on behalf of all the kids in this congregation, I want to say “thank you” for your partnership. We couldn’t do it without you.
Jason Kramme is the Family Ministry Director at Prince of Peace. He can be reached at 952-898-9387 or by Email.

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