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Old wineskin

Growth in faith often happens when life collides with our beliefs.

We believe that God answers prayer but then a child for whom we’ve prayed dies of cancer.

We believe that God provides all good things but then we take a mission trip to a third world country and meet lots of faithful people who are slowly starving to death.

We believe that nothing can separate us from the love of God but then slip into a black hole called depression.

Life has a way of bursting the old wineskin of our faith. This experience is painful and sometimes frightening. It can feel like the loss of faith itself, but it isn’t. Instead it is the wilderness wandering between what was and what will be, and the wilderness is always the place where God’s people are formed for greater things.

When the old wineskin can no longer contain the new wine of our experiences God will provide a new wineskin, one that is big enough and elastic enough to contain the mystery and paradox of life and faith. That’s often how faith grows and matures.

How is real life colliding with your beliefs these days? Do you know someone who is living through the collision of life and faith? How can you walk alongside them through the wilderness?

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  • Liz Caswell

    This says so much so succinctly…feel like I could spend a long time digging into these few paragraphs. Wise and thought-inspiring words! Thank you!

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