Why Have A New Vision?

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by Rob DeMars and Diane Burrow

When Prince of Peace began 50+ years ago, the members dared to take bold risks to meet the needs of the community. The community has changed dramatically in the past several decades. As such God is calling us to evolve with it so we can realize our purpose of being the heart, hands, and feet of Jesus. God’s Vision challenges us to once again take bold risks – widen our collaboration and emphasize our service in areas where our community is asking for help. We’re excited to report the Implementation Team has assembled subcommittees focusing on the Vision’s key initiatives around seniors, children and people in poverty. ! e next step is to begin gathering data from experts in our area. EVERYONE is invited to participate. YOU are Prince of Peace. Learn how you might be able to share your knowledge or talents by contacting the Implementation Team by email, by leaving a message with our church office at 952- 435-8102, or by visiting the Welcome Desk on the weekend to drop of a note.

Rob DeMars is the leader of the Communications subcommittee. Diane Burrow is a member of the Implementation Team.

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