When Did You Stop Singing?

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stop singingBy Dr. Mark Slaughter

When did you stop singing? Was it your music teacher or an overly honest friend who proclaimed, “You can’t sing”? Maybe this never happened and you can sing and enjoy singing; however, in my many years as a musician, literally hundreds of folks have told me they don’t sing in church because they can’t sing. When I ask why they feel this way, I discover there is generally a person of musical authority in their past that uttered some disparaging comments causing musical shame and silencing their singing voice.

So this is why I ask the question, “When did you stop singing?” I would love to end musical silence for all people because everyone CAN sing! We have an innate ability to extend vocal resonance from a spoken tone to a sung tone. In addition, we can allow our pitch to rise and lower creating a melodic tone. Now I’ll be quick to say that not everyone can produce a beautiful or pleasant sounding tone, but we can all sing. So you may not be a “singer” but you surely can “sing!”

I will sing about you, the Lord Most High. Ps. 7:17

Be joyful and sing as you come in to worship the Lord! Ps. 100:2

With thankful hearts, sing psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs to God. Col 3:16

Scripture is compelling when it comes to singing. There are hundreds of references to proclaiming our praise to God through singing. But singing in worship is different from Jr. High choir; singing in worship is for an audience of One. God is the one poised and ready to hear YOU sing, to hear you make melody in your heart.

Singing in worship is a special time as we join together in community to proclaim our love for God through song. We also proclaim what we believe about God, mutually edifying one another and exalting the God we worship. When you remain silent you miss a huge part of the corporate worship experience. I realize sometimes it is good to be quiet and listen, but that is the exception in worship.

So come on and sing! Sing a new song of praise to the Lord. Don’t worry about being the best singer, just engage and actively worship our amazing Creator God.

Dr. Mark Slaughter is the Minister of Worship Arts at Prince of Peace. 

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