What’s Ahead of Us?

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trees and gateby Polly Bergerson

This is an appropriate question for many at this time of the year. Valedictorians spend hours writing their message to answer just this question for every graduate transitioning to their known or unknown future!

The question is one we can raise for many transitions in our lives and our attitude will form how the transition plays out – is this a beginning or an end?

In the beginning “The Almighty formed man of the dust of the earth, breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and man became a living soul.” (Gen 2:7) and transitions began. Woman was created and Adam and Eve had dominion over the Garden of Eden; choices were made; Adam and Eve found themselves in a new place facing new ordeals. At each turn of their life, they needed to answer the question was this the end of their life or a new beginning that was to be lived into.

Each of us face the same questions throughout our lifetimes. If one door is closed for us, can we open the next door with a positive, look-forward with expectation attitude? It is very hard to be positive when the transition is from loss and easy to be excited if the tranistion is an much anticipated new beginning. In either instance Jesus’ light will illuminate our path when He is our center. He is the light that breaks through our darkness and lights up our world.

We have had the opportunity to share young graduates’ excitement for their future. Their faces were shining with anticipation. They have their world by the tail. My prayer is that Jesus is their center and they allow Him to lead them through their life transitions.

But, we have been to six funerals in the last several months. Some deaths from long-term illness, others sudden. These were people who have lived a long life, filled with the love of Jesus and they were ready to enter the beautiful promise they have lived toward. Their deaths were truly celebrations and it was amazing to listen to the legacy they have left to their family and friends. However, the widows left behind are struggling with the loss of their faithful long-time partners. How can we help walk through these times with grieving friends?

At a recent worship service, I noticed one of these widows looking very sad and agitated. I was able to get up, move over next to her put my arm around her hold her hand and sit with her for the rest of worship. Not a word was spoken, she put her head on my shoulder and took a deep breath. For that short time, Jesus was working through me and into her. It was so simple!

Often it is easy to be there for those who are excited, but not so easy when loss is present. What is it we do or say? Can we make a difference? Yes, we can hold them and love them and believe in the promise that Jesus will work through us. Jesus will guide us to work through their darkness and bring life and new hope into their lives.

So, what’s ahead of us is to be the light of Jesus for those walking in darkness until the glimmer of hope shines through again. Shalom!

Polly Bergerson is a member of the Prince of Peace Spiritual Care Team.

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