What POP Has Meant to Me

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healing serviceAs told to Pastor Paul Gauche

When I think of Prince of Peace, I think of home, friends and family. That is what Prince of Peace has been to me since I started going to the Church just over a year ago.

I have never been much of a religious man. I avoided going to church for fear that I would be bombarded with messages that I heard most of my life, like “If you are a sinner you will go hell “or better yet, “If you are not part of certain type of religion, you will not go to heaven.” The first time I met the pastors at Prince of Peace, it became apparent this was not the thinking of the church. The church and the people there helped bring my understanding of religion to new perspective. I have become a better person with the help of Prince of Peace and I aim to continue on that new path of enlightenment.

I also thank all the members for all the support they gave my wife during her time of need. It helped heal her and re-affirm her faith. Now we open up a new chapter in our lives, which we would never had been able to do without the kindness and friendship of the pastors and members of the Prince of Peace. We might be 1700 miles away, but POP is only one Facebook page away!


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