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Mission SignI looked up the word “mission” in the dictionary and here’s what I found:

1. Any important task or duty that is assigned, allotted, or self-imposed.
2. An important goal or purpose that is accompanied by strong conviction; a calling or vocation.
3. A sending or being sent for some duty or purpose.

Ever heard of an organization called “END7”? Me neither, but I found this little video that explains their mission. Take 1:30 and watch it here.

Pretty cool, huh? Did the mission of END7 move you? Did you feel invited or perhaps even compelled to be a part of their mission? Consider some of the elements of their mission:

It’s clear. You know exactly what outcome they’re driving toward…the eradication of seven diseases.
It’s compelling. The problem is big and destructive. It tugs at our heart.
It’s hopeful. Success is possible and will change lives.
It’s invitational. Everyone can participate. All can make a difference.
It’s do-able. Who can’t give 50 cents to change a child’s life?

So, what is God’s mission for Prince of Peace? What are we being called and sent to do? Can you state it in a way that is clear, compelling, hopeful, invitational and do-able? That’s our challenge. That’s why we need to open scripture and our hearts to hear God’s hopes and dreams for us in the next 50 years.

Lent is coming to a close, and this is our last question for reflection and discussion. Before long our Vision Team will be asking disciples to speak their hopes and dreams for Prince of Peace into the process. Thanks for taking the time to listen to God and to one another during this Lenten season.

If we were going to make a “mission video” for Prince of Peace what might it look like? What would we see? Hear? Feel? I’d love to know what you think, so leave a comment.

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  • Ken Walter

    I think the video would be very effective providing individual witness of people who have denied the world’s ways and seek to live within the guidance of the Holy Spirit. They would describe their significant heart felt encounter with the Holy Spirit. They would share what they now do that is within that Spiritual guidance. They would share how life has changed for them and how they are witnessing by word and deed in their daily walk to reach others with their witness.

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