What Difference Are We Supposed to be Making in Our Own and Other’s Lives?

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My spiritual director recently asked me to reflect on the following question: What is your soul’s deepest longing?

How would you answer that question?

The 1999 blockbuster movie “The Matrix” is the story of a young man named Neo who senses that there’s more to life than he is experiencing. Neo is confronted with the truth that the life he thinks he’s been living isn’t really life at all. It’s a machine generated simulation. He and virtually all of humanity have been living as prisoners in a dream world. Neo is challenged not only to wake up to real life but to set all of humanity free to live real life. I suspect that the movie was wildly popular in part because it tapped into something deep within us, a sense of longing, an intuition that there is more to life than what we’re experiencing.

In 2003 the band Switchfoot released a CD whose title track is called “Meant to Live”. Listen to some of the words:

Fumbling his confidence
And wondering why the world has passed him by
Hoping that he’s bent for more than arguments
And failed attempts to fly

We were meant to live for so much more
Have we lost ourselves?
Somewhere we live inside

Dreaming about Providence
And whether mice or men have second tries
Maybe we’ve been livin’ with our eyes half open
Maybe we’re bent and broken, broken

We want more than this world’s got to offer
We want more than this world’s got to offer
We want more than the wars of our fathers
And everything inside screams for second life

Can you relate to the longing in that song? Can you relate to the theme of The Matrix? At the heart of it I think we all sense that something about life in this world and in our lives is amiss. Something is missing. Something needs to change.

And I can’t shake the feeling that somewhere in all of that is at least part of the answer to the question we’re wrestling with this week as we continue to seek God’s hopes and dreams for Prince of Peace. So I’m wondering, in light of what God has done through Jesus what difference are we supposed to be making in our own and other’s lives? Put another way, what do you think God hopes will be the influence of Prince of Peace on our lives and the lives of others? Leave a comment and share your thoughts.


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  • Ken Walter

    To live and walk in the Spirit, not in sight or this world is what i expect my community the church to help me with and more so my helping all them to walk in the Spirit. I believe I was primarily created as a spiritual being. In this temporary world place our sight helps us but the Spirit will help my sight to be used for the glory of God. My souls deepest longing is for love, in the Spirit I have unlimited eternal love from my Father God. In this imperfect and sinful world that kind of love is limited. So life in the Spirit can mean life in the kingdom of God on Earth. Holy Spirit come into my heart to stay. Amen.

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