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By Paul Gauche
Pastor of Life Transitions


Hey, I’m glad you’ve joined the conversation! What you’ll find here every month is a great resource to add some traction and direction to you married relationship.

The idea is that you’ll stop by here for some resources to spark some conversation. Whether you’re in a coffee shop, a restaurant or even in the privacy of your own home–together with your spouse, you’ll find all kinds of things to connect about and talk through.

I’m starting with a great book that you’ve just got to read. Drs. Les and Leslie Perrott from Seattle Pacific University have created a remarkable resource for making good marriages great, one little habit at a time. It’s called “The Love List: Eight Little Things That Make a Big Difference In Your Marriage.”  You’ll want to get this resource right now. So get thee to a bookseller right now and join the convo.

As I mentioned, at least once each month I’ll provide you with some resources for gaining both traction and momentum in your relationship with your spouse. To begin with, I’ll be using a lot of the Parrott’s material. beyond that, we’ll see where we go.

If you’ve got any questions or just want to check in with me personally, just shoot me an email.

For now, peace…


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