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Mission Outpost Dental Clinic is looking for volunteers to help us in our mission of improving the overall health of our community. Volunteering at the dental clinic provides a wonderful opportunity for you to give back in many ways which include: educating our patients on their dental health to empower them to make decision for their overall health; connect and network with other volunteers; and be a mentor to students and others interested in the dental field. If you or someone you know is a dental professional, including a retired dental professional, please consider getting involved. You can choose your level of commitment (weekly, monthly, quarterly or special events); and you can choose a day and time that works with your schedule. We are looking forward to moving into our new space at Prince of Peace in late fall or early winter 2021, so we can continue to improve and provide much needed services for our community. To learn more please visit our website at https://popmn.org/mission/dental-clinic/ or contact Maria Banks.

Maria Banks
Dental Clinic Manager

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