Vision Update: Out of Poverty

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The Out of Poverty Subcommittee believes that for people living in poverty to obtain hope and wholeness, they must have access to basic needs and safety. Th rough supportive community and education, people can move toward a life of sustainability. 

The following are real-life circumstances faced by people in our community:
• A child is sick but the family is unable to access medical care because of communication barriers.
• A family member is critically ill and requires around-the-clock care but staying home to help could mean a job loss.
• A teenager with no home has no safe place to stay.
• No transportation is available to get to a job interview, or an appointment, or school.
•  The cost of dependable daycare is greater than the household income can accommodate.
•  The place of residence is unsafe.
• Attendance at student-teacher conferences is not possible due to language or transportation barriers.

The members of the Out of Poverty Subcommittee are gathering information from those in need, from experts and current providers of services.  The questions being asked include:
• Where can the Prince of Peace community make the greatest impact?
• What resources or partnerships already exist for addressing the needs of people living in poverty?
• Will the outcomes of our commitment be measurable?
• How will our eff orts make a difference in the lives of the broader community and the members
of Prince of Peace?
We are a people called to love others as we love ourselves. We welcome input on our mission and in
our work. For more information about God’s vision for Prince of Peace visit the vision page or contact the vision team by email.

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