Vision Update: Culture Committee

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The Culture Subcommittee is currently discerning the beliefs, values and behaviors that need to become part of our life together if we’re going to respond to God’s call to provide hope and wholeness to children, seniors and people in poverty. We are relying upon input from other subcommittees and disciples at Prince of Peace to inform our work. We’re wrestling with questions such as:

• Do we really value the wisdom of those who are rich in years?

• Do we believe that people are primarily in poverty because of their choices?

• Do we treat all children as if we bear some responsibility for their welfare?

• Can we be honest with ourselves about our biases and prejudices?

• Are we willing to be open to new ways of thinking and acting? 

This is challenging and exhilarating work that really gets to the heart of our faith! We welcome input on our mission and in our work. For more information about God’s vision for POP visit vision or email [email protected].

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