Vision: How Does Our Land and Building Fit into Our Future?

 In Vision

Prince of Peace lies on 23 acres of land in the heart of Burnsville. We recognize our address will play a key role in us becoming the “connecting church” in the years to come, as our location literally is a central hub in the South Metro area.

While our location is ideal, our buildings are not. They were constructed in 1975 and have presented challenges of running programs and events in disconnected buildings. We have a second floor sanctuary, tens of thousands of square feet of space that sits empty most of the week, energy inefficient buildings, and extensive capital repairs needed because of the age of our facilities.

We have an enormous opportunity to make change as we live into God’s vision.

The Land and Building Subcommittee of the Implementation Team is considering all of the opportunities before us. We’re at the very beginning phase of understanding our long-term needs, capital costs, potential partners, and how we should invest in buildings on our campus. There’s much work ahead of us with major decisions on how to most effectively invest our resources for all God calls us to do. And we’re blessed to have these options and opportunities before us.

Land and Building Subcommittee: Bernie Dusich, Jane Victory, Jim Sheldon, Matt Johnson, Tim Graf, Kurt Oestreich.

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