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Have you ever thought of life as Unpredictable?

Since March of 2020 many of us have experienced “unpredictable” in a whole new way! “Normal” seems to be ancient history. Since the pandemic started our coping skills may have been punctured. For some, emotional bandwidth continues to deplete. How many surges of this virus can we endure? We are now in another one, and anxiety is rising. Schools, businesses, wedding venues, social gatherings, sporting events,  governments and even churches are in debate on how to proceed.  As followers of Jesus how can we be grounded in the midst of us upredictablity? How can we respond with calm and ride the waves of upsets in daily life? One of many ways is to turn to scripture.

In the midst of unpredictable,  we can turn to the Psalms. Psalm 46 encourages us to place our trust and our hope in God. Psalm 46 is known as a Psalm of trust. It is broken into three parts. Each part acknowledges very real threats to human life and to the earth itself. Each part affirms confidence in God. And, each part ends with an intentional pause, a slowing down, an invitation to breathe and reflect. The end of the Psalm is where we have our hope. God is our refuge, our safe and secure dwelling place.

Life, as we know it can be unpredictable. It can be exhausting and anxiety-producing. Whatever the circumstance, Psalm 46 invites us to pause and reflect on God’s promises to be with us, to help us, to be our strength, and to bring serenity, peace, and wellbeing to all.

Take time to read Psalm 46 when you are seeking to be reassured. Remembering to pause, breathe and reflect in God’s promise.

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