Transition Update: Succession Prayer Teams

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by Pastor Jeff Marian

Here’s a brief update on what’s happening with our leadership transition process:

  • On Wednesday, October 19 our Call Committee met with Bishop Patricia Lull for an orientation session. This is the first step in preparing the Call Committee for the work ahead.
  • Our transition consultant will be back on our campus in mid-November. He will work with our Call Committee and continue holding focus group exercises with staff and lay members to gain clarity around our needs and expectations for our next lead pastor.
  • At the recommendation of our consultant, the Board has recruited a Succession Team. This team focuses its work on the process of helping the lead pastor, their spouse, the board, the staff, and participants in the congregation through the whole succession process. They give continuity to the planning, especially when boards change leaders frequently, and gives the board focus on the broader issues of the church. Members of our Succession Team include:
    • Pat Andersen
    • Joy Englund
    • Camilla Fischer
    • Lynnette Phenix
    • Mark Rehborg
    • Gene Schultz
    • Curt Sommer
  • The Board has also recruited a Prayer Team to bathe the entire leadership transition process in prayer. Team members include:
    • Kathy Hanson
    • Art Keith
    • Vickie Larson
    • Marilyn Tubbs

As always, if you have questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me or a member of our Board of Directors. Thanks for your continued faithfulness!

Pastor Jeff Marian is the Leader Pastor of Prince of Peace. 

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