Transition Process: What’s Next?

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Since the announcement of my plan to retire from fulltime ministry in July 2023, our Board of Directors and I have been working diligently to lay the foundation for a healthy transition. Here is where we are in the process:

  • We have contracted with Dave Travis, a consultant who specializes in leadership transitions in large congregations like ours. Over the course of the next six months Dave will provide structure and insight to our leadership process.
  • Bishop Patricia Lull will be our synod representative throughout our call process. She and Dave Travis have meet virtually and are excited to be working together.
  • The Board is in the process of recruiting a Call Committee per our Constitution. We anticipate holding a special congregational meeting in September to affirm the Call Committee so that they can get oriented and begin their work.
  • At Dave Travis’ recommendation we will be recruiting two additional teams to serve during this transitional period. A “Succession Team” will plan and execute the transition process, including key celebrations as I depart and a new lead pastor enters. We will also establish a Prayer Team that will cover the entire process in prayer. If you are interested in serving on the Succession or Prayer Team, please let me know!
  • In September we’ll be doing a worship series on navigating change and transition, learning from the many stories of leadership transition in the Bible.

We will provide regular updates to you, but you are always welcome to contact me or a member of the Board if you have questions or concerns.

Above all, I urge you pray daily for this process and the transitions that it will entail. Join me in trusting that God will lead and guide us forward into a new chapter of ministry.

Pastor Jeff

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