Today’s Word: Dis-ease

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by Pastor Paul Gauche

Today’s Word: ‘DIS-EASE’ as in… the Coronavirus Disease is indeed causing some significant “dis-ease” among us locally and certainly globally.

But let’s pause for a moment, let’s get our wits among us. Instead of languishing in fear and foreboding and feeling overwhelmed at every turn, let’s be reminded that we are well-equipped to move ahead in ways that breathe life back into us and those we know, near and far. While exercising a healthy amount of caution, we know that fear and foreboding—which seems to be everywhere, won’t get us anywhere.

This is not the end of the world as we know it; far from it. Every day we’re learning new things about how to implement healthy practices that help people thrive. Caution is always a good response to moments in life when the very ground underneath us seems to be shifting. Caution allows us to pause for a moment and get our bearings, check our footing, even more importantly, to educate ourselves and one another about best practices for creating and sustaining healthy communities. We have the choice to move ahead cautiously, yes, but with healthy intention and purpose.

So how can we move forward? In our community we’re asking important questions about how to live positively into the days and weeks ahead. Let’s begin by being encouraging. Let’s be hopeful and positive in every interaction. Let’s continue to focus on gratitude and generosity. Doing so helps us reframe things in helpful ways.

When businesses, schools, and public places of worship close, see it as an act of love for the most vulnerable; ways of caring for all God’s children. This gives us a new way to trust one another and trust God.

Encourage others to check on people who might be isolated. This provides a way for people to practice service.

Let’s be reassuring. Reassure people that life continues to move ahead in different and creative ways.

And above all, let’s reassure one another that God is with us. This will go a long way in bringing a deep calm to the dis—Ease among us.
Paul Gauche is the Pastor of Life Transitions at Prince of Peace. He can be reached at 952-898-9333 or by Email.

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