Time to Spring Clean…and Get Ready for Mega Sale

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mega_sale_banner2013I enjoy spring cleaning. Emptying out the closets and cupboards, getting rid of the “Oh, I just have to have this!” stuff I accumulated over the past year. You know, that piece of gym equipment found on Craigslist that revolutionized my workout on January 1 but not a day past; that new kitchen gadget which promised to make me cook like a Food Network chef, and my favorite, the holiday and birthday gifts received from well-meaning relatives that I’m just too embarrassed to re-gift. And while my eagerness to purge this year was slightly delayed thanks to Spring taking her sweet time coming to Minnesota, I am now poised and eager to begin this annual Drymon ritual. If it’s not nailed down, it might be coming to the annual Prince of Peace MEGA SALE.

That’s right. Planning is underway for our annual Mega Sale, August 22-24. It will be here before you know it and we need your “valuables.” So as you store away those winter coats and clothes, pull out the ones you didn’t wear last year (or the year before) and donate them. The same with the gently-used kids and teenage clothes that are now outgrown. We want your clean and gently-used items to sell at this year’s Mega Sale: clothing, gym equipment, furniture, household goods, toys, tools, home décor, jewelry, linens, small appliances, sporting goods, antiques and collectibles, and more.

The first drop-off date is July 27, so the time to begin decluttering your home is now. And don’t forget the cabin … I’m sure it’s full of treasures, too!

Dates and donation info here.

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