The Turning Point

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easter_turning2013By Josh Linman

Every story has a turning point. The turning point is that moment when the outcome of the story is unclear. Maybe the villain is about to get away, maybe the boat is about to sink, maybe the soldier is about to risk her life. The turning point is that moment that puts the whole story in context. It’s the moment that could change everything.

The turning point in the story of Jesus is the empty cross. The empty cross stands shining in glory on the morning of that third day when the battle was won against the cosmic power of sin and death. But that battle was won with a different kind of glory than anyone was used to. That battle was won through a glory defined by weakness, humility, and sacrifice.

On Maundy Thursday we remember what cross-shaped living looks like: a king who washes feet and calls us to do the same, by pouring ourselves out in service to others.”

On Good Friday we face the cross-shaped throne of the king of kings. We face the pain and agony, the blood and tears, and the darkness and gloom of death.

But death did not have the final say. Just when all hope was lost, just when the future looked bleak, new life burst in. On Easter weekend this year, we will cry “Viva La Vida” or “Long Live Life” as we celebrate the turning point in God’s story (and ours).

Maybe you or someone you know is facing darkness and uncertainty. Maybe the outcome of the story seems unclear. Come experience the journey of Holy Week as we follow in the footsteps of our servant Savior.

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