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By Pastor Paul Gauche

One Thing I’m Grateful For…

I’m grateful that several years ago I began keeping a daily gratitude journal. I was purposeful  about that. So I began using the Day One app. Every day I spend at least one minute noting one thing that I’m grateful for on that day. My favorite feature of the Day One app is the “On This Day” feature which allows me to revisit what I was grateful for on this date going back six years! Now that’s multiplying gratefulness!


One Thing I’m Learning…

One of the most important things that I’m (re)learning during these days is the importance of creating space and time every day for quiet reflection. Practicing daily meditation along with reading scripture continues to be part of the animating momentum of each day for me. I’m using the Headspace meditation app. It’s fabulous. At least it has been for me.


One Devotional Thought or Insight That is Forming or Challenging Me…

Today I’m thinking about PURPOSE. The ancient story of the Great Commission from Matthew 28 is all about purpose; our partnership with one another in what God is up to in the world today. The mission that Jesus gave his followers was, and is to go everywhere and tell everyone about what Jesus is up to. The problem is, though, we usually make “going everywhere and telling everyone about what he’s up to in the world” way too complicated. So much so that we often give the job away to others. But it’s not difficult. We’ve all got stories about hope emerging from hopelessness, healing growing out of brokenness; stories about something that was dying that came back to life. Every time we tell those stories we’re living into our purpose.

What are you grateful for? What are you learning? What’s challenging or forming you spiritually?


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Paul Gauche is the Pastor of Life Transitions at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Burnsville, MN.

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