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Our architects have been meeting with members of our staff for several weeks making decisions on details such as finishes and placement of doors and electrical outlets. One of the spaces that we’ve been spending a lot of time on is the main entrance lobby area, or The Hub, as we’ve been calling it.
This area will be the first thing you see when you walk through our main entrance. It’s a large, open space with a lot of visual impact and a lot of thought went into how to make the most of that impact in a cost-effective way.
We are really excited with this design. It includes a large skylight with a massive floor-to-ceiling feature wall that brings in some of the same colored glass from the outside façade and a ton of natural light.
This feature wall will be lit by the skylight during the day and will be lit from within in the evening. The large staircase brings you right up to the sanctuary with the administrative offices to the left of the sanctuary.
The fireplace will provide a cozy ambiance and comfortable hangout space.
We like to think of this space as the Prince of Peace living room. Our hope is that everyone feels as comfortable and as welcome here as they would in their own home.
The Hub will be a welcoming space, a gathering space, a hangout space. It will have the flexibility to be used as event space with tables and chairs when needed. Our welcome desk will be on wheels to aid in this flexibility, but for the most part it will be stationed in front of the stairs with a cheerful face to greet you as you arrive.
Part of our vision is to be a hub of hope and wholeness for all people. Our hope and prayer is that this space will reflect that and all who walk through our doors will feel a sense of peace and connection to a caring community.
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  • jan dornfeld

    When discussion regarding the building plan was originally discussed, there was a lot of talk about the auxiliary building POP now occupies, as well as land surrounding the campus. There was discussion regarding the possibility of selling the auxiliary building and land to offset building costs. I have not heard anything about these issues recently. Can someone provide an update? Thank you.

    • Liz Ridpath

      Hi Jan! The opportunities we have to lease or sell the Christian Life Center are currently being evaluated. We are working with the City of Burnsville, an appraiser, and our campus partners to explore all of our options. We need to retain use of the building at least through the first phase of construction since our new admin offices and family ministry space will not be available until the first phase is complete. The exploration that is currently underway will aid the Board of Director’s decision in February about how we move ahead with the project. Thanks for your great question!

  • jan dornfeld

    Thanks for the update. I would appreciate continued updates as part of the routine Land and Building blog. Thanks again! Jan

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