The Five People You Don’t Like and What They Can Teach You

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self-reflectionBring to mind the names and faces of five people you really don’t like. These are the people who rub you the wrong way, push your buttons and drain your batteries. Why not be an over achiever and write those names down? Go ahead, I’ll wait.

If you’re like most people, your propensity is to caricaturize them, demonize them and blame them for how you feel. But doing so just makes you a victim. The truth is in most instances these people are mirrors for what you need to see and embrace in yourself.

These five people reveal…

…the things you judge in yourself and need to embrace.

…the things for which you feel guilty and need to forgive yourself (God’s already forgiven you).

…the unfulfilled needs you expect others to address but for which you need to take responsibility.

…the fears you wrestle with that need to be brought into the light.

I think perhaps no human being can teach you more about yourself than the people whose names you wrote down.

Being a victim keeps you stuck, reactive and bitter. Taking responsibility for yourself opens doors for growth and wholeness. St. Paul once said that for now we see in a mirror but dimly (1 Corinthians 13:12) but I believe that the Spirit of God can use the five people you don’t like to help you see yourself more clearly.

How has God used the difficult people in your life to help you to see yourself more clearly? Leave a comment.

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