The Cross and Clichés

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Cliche CollageFaith is not about shallow clichés, but deep conversations. For the last six weeks we’ve moved deeper, but the journey to move beyond bumper sticker Christianity is not over!

The next stop is the cross. As the most famous symbol in Christianity it is no surprise the cross is mired in clichés of its own.

Beginning Ash Wednesday and continuing through Lent, we will explore the meaning of the cross. What is God up to? How does the cross change us and our relationship with God? What “problem” is the cross trying to resolve? Those are big questions, and to help us get at them, all disciples are invited to read Making Sense of the Cross by Dr. David Lose from Luther Seminary. This book will form the background for our preaching series and small group materials.

Keep the cliché conversation going this Lent:

  1. Buy Making Sense of the Cross (Copies will be available in the Community Room for $10 (cash or check only) on February 9-10, 16-17 and Ash Wednesday)
  2. Join a book club (4 forming at POP) or discuss in your small group
  3. Worship on Ash Wednesday
  4. Be challenged as Dr. Lose preaches at all services, February 16-17

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