The Baptism Napkin Fairy

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Baptism NapkinWhen Sandy signed her kids up for Children’s Ministry at POP, little did she know that it would lead to touching the lives of almost 1,000 families. The registration form included a section to volunteer to use your gifts in the ministry.  Sandy wanted to volunteer but couldn’t commit to every Wednesday. But she could sew.  She was quickly connected to the Baptism ministry and began sewing a beautiful cross design on the baptism napkins used during the baptism service.

That was 10 years ago. Since then, Prince of Peace has averaged 8 baptisms a month and Sandy has made napkins for every single baptism, totaling almost 1,000!  When asked why she continues to do it even though her kids have now grown, she says “It’s so easy. It’s quiet time for me, I just love doing it!” Among staff, she is lovingly known as “The Baptism Napkin Fairy” because each month, the napkins she has made magically show up at the right time! Sandy has found her God-given gift and it has been a blessing to so many families!

When baby Nolan was baptized here in July 2013, siblings Grant and Marah got to play a special part. Grant was given the candle, and like any little boy would, he waved it around in the air. When Marah was handed the baptism napkin, she held it gingerly with a look of awe on her face. Later she told her Grandma “I got to hold the cloth with the cross on it!”

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