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 In In, Out

The Mega Sale has historically been one enormous Reduce-Reuse-Recycle event and the 2017 Mega Sale was no exception. The members of the Prince of Peace Creation Care team was honored to be involved in seeking to recycle as much as possible and prevent it from going into the landfill. Items stuck in the landfill will be there for hundreds of years. If it can be diverted for recycling, material can be reused or repurposed and reduce costs of using virgin materials.

As all the donations of goods were arriving, our team sorted plastic and paper bags that were later used to package items sold at the sale. All torn or unusable bags were recycled. Cardboard boxes were emptied and reused in various departments, or taken to the compactor for crushing. At the end of the sale, all unneeded cardboard was compacted. This resulted in more than 2100 lbs. of cardboard that is sold by the church to recyclers.

Inevitably, many of the donated items come in less than perfect condition. But before anything is thrown away, recyclable metal, plastic and glass is salvaged. Hundreds of pounds of metal, including iron, steel, copper and brass are sorted by the Church Mice and sold to recycling companies. (The Church Mice are men who volunteer their time to work on projects and make repairs around the church. Over the past six years, the Church Mice have reclaimed and sold 50 tons of waste metal that would have otherwise gone into a landfill) Plastic, glass and paper, including beverage cans and water bottles go into the recycle dumpster which was filled to capacity three times during the entire sale process.

We give special thanks to the Mega Sale leadership team for agreeing to purchase certified compostable plates and spoons that were used to feed the volunteers. We understand that this is an added expense, but did result in diverting over six large 40 gallon bags of compostable materials from the landfill. Instead it was used to make good mulch and soil for gardeners.

We also are especially grateful for those of you who volunteered to help us. We could not have done it without you.

Two trips were made to the Recycle Zone in Eagan to turn in things like packing peanuts, Christmas lights, torn plastic bags and bubble wrap. We even turned in 473 Ziploc bags for recycling. We know it was that many because we had to cut off the zipper part first. 😉 That might seem to border on fanaticism, but it is all for a good purpose, to be good stewards of the beautiful earth that God has given us. We are charged to “tend” to God’s gift of land, water and air so that the next generations can enjoy it, too. Thank you all for your participation.

The Creation Care team is a small group of Prince of Peace exploring our responsibility as stewards to care for God’s creation and our role in restoring the earth for our children and grandchildren. They meet Twice a month and everyone is welcome. Find out more here.


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