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By Pastor Sandy Rothschiller

When I see someone with tears rolling down their face, I often jump to the conclusion that they are sad. Sometimes I am right. Sometimes I am wrong. Tears are an expression of various emotions that are happening inside of us. Sadness is one of the emotions that bring us to tears. Tears also come when we are happy or overjoyed.

About a week ago I think I had tears from every emotion possible. I was traveling with some friends, we literally laughed until we cried. When I returned home, my daughter called to say she was in labor. I cried tears of excitement. In the morning we received news of our first grandchild! (Ryder James Reed, in case you were wondering).  I was overwhelmed with tears of joy. Each time I shared the good news about my grandson, those tears would start flowing again! Within 5 days of my grandson’s birth, my father in law was told his cancer had returned and that same day my father was in the hospital with chest pain receiving an angioplasty. More tears. When I hugged my daughter and held my grandson, more tears.

God provides us with the gift of  tears as an expression of our emotions, to release that which we are holding inside. Tears come to heal,  to cleanse and to express joy. What an amazing gift we have been given in our tears!

Sandy Rothschiller is the Pastor of Spiritual Care at Prince of Peace.

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