Spiritual Companions: Brittany and Shari

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Spiritual companion relationships are formed as two people walk an intentional journey of growing in life and faith together.

Are you in a relationship like this? How has this relationship made an impact in your life? How has God worked in and through that relationship?

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Here is how one of these spiritual companion relationships formed at Prince of Peace and the affect it has had on both women:

Brittany writes, “I do have a mentor who I will often meet with to discuss everything from our spiritual lives to everyday happenings. I met Shari when I started volunteering regularly at the community garden that she runs (Project FoodPatch). I found her to be such a compelling and incredible person that I wanted to learn more from her to begin to model my attitude and the way I live by many of her mannerisms. I asked her to be my mentor and I am constantly thankful for her advice, guidance, prayers, support, and friendship.”

Shari adds, “Although Brittany calls me her mentor, I consider her one of mine as I have grown from her humor, hope, insights, friends, faith and the way she moves translates spiritual and social inspiration into action.”

Thanks to Brittany and Shari for sharing their story of spiritual companionship!

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