So HOW Do We Reach Our Moon?

 In Vision

Prince of Peace’s new Vision was compared to the first moon landing. When John F. Kennedy declared America would be the first to get our shoes dirty with moon dust, “how” was the tiny word that weighed heavy on the shoulders of the astronauts and scientists tasked to make history.

Likewise, “how” challenges the Implementation subcommittees as they undertake the big, hairy, audacious journey of evolving Prince of Peace to be the “connecting church.” God has tasked us to become a congregation that works collaboratively to provide hope and wholeness to children, seniors and people in poverty within our walls and throughout the south metro area. This is no easy undertaking. The subcommittees are wrestling with key questions specific to their goals and building project plans to shed light on the “how” to get there.

As we move forward, you’ll learn of challenges being faced, progress being made, and how you can help. This is an historic, exciting time for disciples of Prince of Peace. And it’s going to take all of us to set foot on our moon.

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