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A small group of people representing a cross-section of the Prince of Peace community continued the discussion about the land and the site for our building. The consensus from group was to explore options on our current site, either where the Worship Center is now or somewhere in the adjacent parking lot.

The architects provided very general diagrams depicting raw square footage, proximity of ministry uses within the building, and orientation of buildings on various site options. The group discussed the pros and cons of each building orientation: what worked well for collaborative ministry and what site provided the best long-term options for our congregation.

Construction cost estimates were received just prior to the meeting, and initial estimates came in above what had been anticipated for all options. Highest among the estimates was a complete renovation of the existing Worship Center with a ground-floor sanctuary and extensive impact to the outside structure. Still on the table is the option to remain in two buildings and invest in the $4.5-$5M in capital repairs, with perhaps additional investment to make the buildings more functional. The committee agreed that more information is needed with further cost refinement from the construction estimator, along with a reevaluation of our options and opportunities. This is just the initial stage of cost estimation and there are many opportunities to create well-functioning facilities and steward our resources well.

The Land and Building Core Team will be meeting in late September and early October to discuss new information and further options. The board of Directors will continue their discussion on this process at the October Board meeting, along with a special Board meeting scheduled for October 18. This schedule provides the opportunity for the Board to approve a recommendation to the congregation as early as the November 1 Board meeting, and the congregation to vote on the recommendation by the end of this calendar year.

Please note: Nothing has been decided yet. This is an ongoing discussion that could use your voice.

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