Sharing Food and Interfaith Friendship

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by Paul Conrad

Recently, Mary and I had the pleasure of joining Khaled, Tess and Kareema in their home in Lakeville. They had extended an invitation to members of the South Metro Interfaith group to come to their home for a Moroccan meal. All that we knew of these people was that they were members of the local interfaith group and that they were Muslims. When we entered their home we were greeted warmly and we sat down to dine almost immediately. We found out that the conversation flowed freely and was as comfortable as if we were dining with members of our own family. We found out that Khaled met Tess when she worked for the Peace Corps in Morocco. They married and now live in Lakeville. We learned that Khaled had coached soccer and that Tess was a Special Ed teacher Lakeville.

The conversation covered numerous topics such as, how Khaled welcomes people like Jehovah’s Witnesses to come in and dialogue with him (so long as they don’t try to proselytize him) and how he referred to Jesus as a prophet (I don’t think I have ever talked about Muhammad with others). I wish I had a tape recording of all that was talked about so that I could share more with you.

They were very generous people and since they had prepared food for more people than were there they invited a neighbor girl to come over and shared some of the excess with her family. My impression from that interchange was that they were well accepted and loved by their neighbors.

We would be proud to have people like Khaled, Tess and Kareema as our neighbor.

If you are interested in interacting with our Muslim neighbors, join us Monday, June 17 South Metro Interfaith 6:30 p.m. at the Burnsville  Mosque.

Paul Conrad and Mary Brainard are members of Prince of Peace who are active in the South Metro Interfaith Community. The South Metro Interfaith Community is an informal group that includes Baha’i, Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Jewish, and Muslim members who meet monthly to build interfaith friendships. If you are interested in getting emails about meeting dates and places, contact Paul Gilje or Pam Nordhem.


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