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Here is the first in a series of stories from service projects our Family Ministry students have been involved in.

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By Jadyn Smith

A few weeks ago our Middle School small group went looking for a fun [service] project. So as soon as we saw the “Sponsor a Break-Room Party” project we jumped at the chance to do the fun job. For the next two weeks we worked hard deciding on and making treats, as well as making a “beautiful” poster with a bible verse and other pictures for the firefighters.

When Wednesday finally came around we all showed up at the Burnsville Fire Station to give them their treats and poster and in return they were nice enough to give us a tour of the whole fire station. We got to learn some really cool stuff!  We learned how they work 24 hour shifts and every night someone is assigned to make dinner for everyone else in the station. We also learned that on top of being firefighters they all have medical experience as well. We also got to learn a lot about the firetrucks.  The biggest hose can shoot out 200 gallons of water per minute.

Sadly, while we were there, we even listened to a call come in about someone hurting/cutting themselves and needing medical attention.  Even worse, the captain said those calls are happening more and more every year. We got to watch an ambulance be sent out and listen to the sirens as it drove away down the street.

Over all I think we learned some cool things and I think we appreciate the firefighters even more now for what they do for us every day. We hope we can do another project as fun and fulfilling as this one was!

Karen K.’s Middle School Small Group

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