Senior High Students Fast for FMSC

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FMSC lock in bigLast weekend, a group of 17 teens from our congregation and their friends went without food for 24 hours to raise awareness and money for Feed My Starving Children. Each teen asked friends and family to sponsor them and help send food to starving children.

Throughout the weekend, they not only experienced hunger firsthand, but they also learned about poverty and starvation. A doctor told them about the physical effects that they would feel during this time of fasting. They learned how God has designed our bodies with many backup systems to keep us going when we get too hungry. Unfortunately, many children around the world have already used up all their backup reserves and die of starvation.

Eric Elton (Prince of Peace Director of Missions) shared his experience following a Feed My Starving Children food shipment from Burnsville overseas to its final destination where he was able to use it to actually feed children in orphanages. Eric then led the teens in constructing a typical Ethiopian House.  A family of 3-4 people do their cooking, sleeping, eating and living in a house just 8 feet by 12 feet made of tarps and corrugated plastic. Our teens learned to be thankful that they had clean water to drink, a roof over their heads, and warm blankets to snuggle in at night.

Service projects were also woven into the schedule for the weekend, so that the teens could make a difference with their hearts, hands and dollars. All the teens kept a cheerful attitude as they scraped gum off the bottoms of tables at Fairview, sorted clothing in Mission Outpost and ushered at the 5:30 service.

The final numbers aren’t in yet, but I estimate that they raised $1,200 for FMSC! That’s 5,454 meals for starving children.

If you’d like to make a donation to FMSC or want more information, click here.

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