Self-Care as a Spiritual Practice

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By Sandy Rothschiller

It’s important to show compassion for others, but how often do we treat ourselves with that same level of kindness? One of the best things that we can do for our minds and bodies is to take a break and remember that we are worthy of love.

For some people, adding self-care into a daily regimen can seem inconvenient, or even intimidating. Your first defense might be “I don’t have time for that,” or “I have too many other things to do.” But repeatedly putting the needs of others before our own can lead to a lack of “me time,” which can, in turn, create stress and resentment and prevent us from being our best selves. And that is not how God calls us to live.

In Matthew 22:39 Jesus says, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” That means you can’t love anyone else unless you love yourself. God calls us to love God, ourselves and then others. When you practice self-care you are loving yourself.

Here are a few suggestions for you to take time for self-care.

  • Create a cozy space. Go to that space in your home. Sit, read, light a candle. Just spend quiet time alone in that space. Start with 5 minutes of uninterrupted time.
  • Spend time each evening turning off all electronics, then sitting and reflecting on the good things of the day. Start with 5 minutes.
  • Give yourself a break. If you have hurt someone, made a mistake or let another down, forgive yourself. Tomorrow you start new in your baptism.
  • Go have fun doing something you love to do at least once a week.
  • Pray and listen. Jesus is for you and loves you.

Sandy Rothschiller is the Pastor of Spiritual Care at Prince of Peace.

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