Sandy’s Retirement: What Now?

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By Pastor Jeff Marian

With Pastor Sandy retiring at the end of this calendar year, how will her position be filled? Great question! One of the greatest gifts we can give the next lead pastor is the opportunity to build his or her team. For that reason, we will not be calling a new pastor to fill Pastor Sandy’s role.

Instead, we will temporarily be increasing Kari Snyder’s hours. Her increased role as Director of Senior Ministries will include:

  • Co-leading Spiritual Care with Jody Slaughter
  • Making pastoral Care Calls as needed
  • Providing for worship/devotions at local Senior Centers
  • Managing our On-Call schedule
  • Administering our Love Your Neighbor initiative and Care Ministry

Pastor Sandy’s preaching and teach responsibilities will be absorbed by the current pastoral staff. In addition, we will have a retired pastor “on retainer” in the event that we need additional support for pastoral care or funerals.

Again, these changes are temporary. When the new lead pastor has an opportunity to examine our staff structure, he or she will determine the best way to fill this role moving forward.

In the meantime, mark your calendars for Sunday December 18. We’ll be hosting a farewell gathering for Pastor Sandy that morning in the Community Room. Stay tuned for more details.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me. Thanks for rolling with the changes, and for your partnership in ministry.

Jeff Marian is the Lead Pastor at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church.

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