Sabbath-Keeping and Re-Creation

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SabbathThere is wisdom in the ancient practice of Sabbath-keeping. All work and no play do more than make Jack a dull boy; they’ll deaden his soul. The gift of Sabbath is more than rest. It’s also recreation. And while there’s nothing wrong with playing as hard as you work it’s also helpful to remember that the root of recreation is “re-create”. Sabbath is for those activities (or no activity at all) that breathe life into our soul, renewing us and making us whole again. 

For a second year our entire staff will be on sabbatical from June 30-July 6. Not only will this be an opportunity to refresh and re-create, but a chance to model Sabbath-keeping for the rest of us. Can’t take a week off yourself? Consider these ideas for practicing Sabbath-keeping:

  1. Spend a whole day unplugged from electronics. Enjoy the deafening silence!
  2. Invest five minutes each day this week to simply dwell in silence. Every time a thought fills your mind (and if you’re healthy and normal those thoughts will come like March snow in Minnesota) simply let them drift off like leaves on a stream.
  3. Take a walk where the only sounds you’re likely to hear are tree frogs and birdsong.
  4. Write a letter to a friend, using ancient materials like paper and a pen!
  5. Brew a cup of tea, sit in the shade and savor some poetry. Consider the Psalms.

Whatever breathes new life into you, be intentional about doing it this week. You’re not being lazy; you’re practicing wise stewardship of the greatest gift of all – the gift of life. That’s what Sabbath-Keeping and re-creation are all about.

What Sabbath-keeping ideas could you share? Leave a comment.

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