Spiritual Practices


Tuesdays, October 4 – November 15 | 7:00 – 8:30 pm

Are you curious about growing spiritually? Would you like to reinvigorate your relationship with Jesus? No matter where you are on your Christian journey, spiritual practices can help you deepen your faith by keeping you rooted in God’s presence. This course explores key practices like intercessory prayer, simplicity, fasting, scripture mediation, silence and solitude, and more. See how God’s word provides a foundation for each practice as you learn the basics and get opportunities to try them for yourself in a supportive environment. Discover how these tools place you in God’s presence so God can do transforming work within you. Although you will receive the most benefit by attending weekly, that is not required. Register at any time and attend as many of the weeks as you are able. Taught by Tessa Pinkstaff,  No cost.


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