Baptism Class


2nd Wednesday of each month from 6:00-7:00 pm, Christian Life Center, Chapel

As we gather in the Christian Life Center Chapel, we’ll explore the meaning and significance of baptism from a Lutheran perspective. We’ll talk about our identity as children of God, the importance of names and the significance of making promises. We’ll learn how God, through the waters of baptism, names us, claims us, and calls us to grow in faith: UP with God, IN through community and OUT for the world. We’ll explore the promises that you’ll make on the day of the baptism and how to live out those promises along with your children.

This gathering will be followed with an email including a link to a video that we’ve created to walk you through the way we do baptisms at Prince of Peace. In the video, our Children’s Ministry Director, Jess Olson, and Paul Gauche, Pastor of Life Transitions will answer many of your questions and we’ll equip you with what you need to fully participate and enjoy the service.

  • Session One: A clear, concise, memorable, and, dare we say, fun walk through a theological understanding of baptism from a Lutheran perspective focusing on the promises that are made in baptism.
  • Session Two: A “play-by-play” orientation to the way we do baptisms at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, equipping to celebrate your or your child’s baptism.

2020 Baptism Weekends

  • January 18-19
  • February 15-16
  • March 21-22
  • April 18-19
  • May 16-17
  • June 20/21
  • July 18-19
  • August 15-16
  • September 19-20
  • October 17-18
  • November 21-22
  • November 28-29
  • December 19-20
  • December 26-27

Download 2020 Baptism Class Schedule (.pdf)



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