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You asked some great questions at the Congregational Forums held on November 24, 2019. Many of these answers were shared at the forum but we also wanted to share them here for those who were unable to attend.


What do the realtors tell us about the Christian Life Center building – the viability of selling or leasing?
The property is currently on the market and there is interest in purchasing it. The current broker agreement we have is for sale of property vs. a lease at this time.


Can the Christian Life Center Building only be marketed to the Ridges Association?
The Christian Life Center building is currently on the market, with no restrictions as who may own it or how it is used, so long as it fits within the City of Burnsville zoning requirements.


Are there issues with the Christian Life Center building (mechanically etc.) and how will that effect a lease?
It would depend upon how a lease was written, who would be responsible for mechanical and tenant improvements.


If we lease the Christian Life Center building, how would that affect the rental of the parking lot with Fairview?
Whether parking space continues to be leased to Fairview would depend upon the amount of parking needed by the tenant and the time and days of the week parking is needed.


What happens to Mission Outpost if the Christian Life Center property sells quickly?
Property may sell quickly, but there may be a due diligence period that would provide us enough time to move Mission Outpost. We have considered options of where we could provide Mission Outpost services to people if the property sells quickly.


Do you have a preliminary cost for Phase 2?
We have a rough estimate of $8.8M for Phase 2, based on general construction costs, not actual contractor quotes. This includes completion of the Chapel, reconstructing the parking lot and installing new lot lights, renovation of the Sanctuary, renovating the first floor for a new child care space, completion of the last two preschool classrooms, and a new Mission Outpost. It also includes replacing the roof and HVAC for the original triangle building, plumbing and electrical work, refurbishing the original elevator and repairing the original stucco. The cost would be covered by a combination of the next capital campaign along with proceeds from the Christian Life Center building. How much is accomplished will be dependent on the funding available.


Will we use the same general contractor as Phase 1?
Yes, same general contractor and same architects.


Initially there were 3 phases of construction – what is current?
Phase 1 included the new addition for preschool, new entry, Community Room and shell of the Chapel, along with renovation of the new office wing, and replacing HVAC systems and roof in that wing. Because of the interconnection of systems, this needed to be accomplished as a single phase. We celebrated our Grand Opening of Phase 1 on October 12-13, 2019. Phase 2 will begin in spring 2020 and will include the completion of the Chapel and renovation of the remainder of the Worship Center building – the ‘original triangle’ portion – that includes the Sanctuary upstairs and new space for Mission Outpost space downstairs. Phase 2 may be broken out in stages as funding permits. Phase 3 will include the exterior work – the landscaping, small parking lot and Memorial Garden/Columbarium.


Orientation of the Sanctuary – is that cast in concrete?
Whether we reorient the Sanctuary or not, plans call for building a new platform to have more flexible space for various choir/instrumental needs and for other events. We would still purchase new worship technology, as what we have is beyond its normal life and expensive to repair. This will include improvements to our sound and lighting, along with larger, easier to view screens. This work will include replacing all HVAC equipment, running new ductwork and replacing the roof. The flooring and finishes in the Sanctuary all need updating. By reorienting the space we create better sight lines and are able to utilize the space behind the new platform for much needed music rehearsal rooms and music offices with close proximity to staff offices and the Sanctuary. The new orientation will allow two entrances at the back of the Sanctuary off of the new Community Room. The cost would be about the same to reorient the Sanctuary as to just reconstruct the platform in its current orientation.


Is there a break-out of incremental cost to re-orient the Sanctuary vs. remodel it?
The cost would be the same whether remodeled in the current orientation or reoriented to the southwest. A new orientation would allow better entrances into the back of the Sanctuary off of the Community Room. It would provide larger areas for rehearsal space and provide back of house space for Vacation Bible School, Family Ministry and Worship Arts Camp and other events.


What’s going to happen with the ramps in the Sanctuary?
One ramp will remain and the others will be closed off.


How many will the new Chapel seat?


Is it possible to give a “mini-donation” to get the Chapel done now?
Our next capital campaign kicks off in March 2020, and people may begin donating at any time. The Chapel and parking lot are our top priorities – and the sooner funds are raised, the sooner we can begin.


Priorities – Chapel 1st, Parking Lot 2nd – any thoughts to reverse that? The parking lot is our first impression to guests.
Agreed! We need to wait to reconstruct the parking lot until the frost is out. We also need to get started on the Chapel to have it finished in time for programming in the fall. Ideally we’d be working on both projects at the same time.


Will something be done about the darkness in the overhang by the parking lot?
Lights are being installed for the overhang. The entire parking lot will have new lighting when it is reconstructed in the spring.


Are there maps for the new parking area? Directional signage? Drop-off area?
We will look at directional signage as we get through the winter and determine the need for more signage.


Any consideration for the current garage space?
No decisions have been made, but we have discussed options for facilities storage with the City of Burnsville.


Any plans for future outdoor worship?
Because final plans have not been developed, the feasibility of a space for outdoor worship has not yet been determined.

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