Prayer Walks for the One Church Campaign

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Take some time over the next few weeks to walk around the church campus and pray for God’s continued leadership during this campaign and for us to listen and follow. Come early or stay late to a meeting, activity or worship service and take a prayer walk throughout the buildings or in the parking lots.

Prayer walking involves taking our prayers to the very places where we desire to see God’s presence manifested and our prayers answered. It is a powerful dynamic of praying on site with God’s sight. We can pray blessings of peace upon the people we see and those who will come to POP we will never see. We can pray that God would be honored, adored, lined up, revealed and praised among the people of this faith community.

We can get insights for prayer walking through impressions that come by way of our natural senses. The Holy Spirit will use sights, sounds, and even smells to flood your awareness and prayers with significance. Look for anything that gives you ideas of things for which to pray.

We can also gather prayer-walking insights through things the Spirit of God divinely reveals to us through scripture. You may have certain Bible verses you are led to pray for Prince of Peace. For example, Exodus 36:5 says, “the people are bringing much more (offering) than enough for doing the work that the Lord has commanded us to do”…I pray that the disciples at Prince of Peace would give offerings as the Israelites did which was more than enough to follow God’s leadership for them…

You may prayer walk alone, with a friend, small group, or as a family allowing each other to have open-eyed prayers as you walk together.

This piece was written by the One Church campaign prayer team.

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